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12-5 Although Professor Pearson’s colleagues often complained that he was(i)_____,his friends were quick to defend him from this charge of(ii)_____. 美国研究生考试

93-9 Some social insects,such as bees and ants,are celebrated for their industriousness and engineering feat,but popular culture has not generally _____ termites for theirs—even though they can build mounds twenty feet high.







37-8 Architects may be more extroverted and therefore the more _____ members of a bridge design team,but they are not always the most essential.







81-9 The baseball players performance during last nights game was impressive,although not _____;others have performed similar feats.







37-3 Contrary to those who fear the impact of invasive species on native plants,the biologists contend that the threat posed to biodiversity by nonnative species is often(i)_____.For instance,a study of garlic mustard,a nonnative plant now thriving in Minnesota’s oak forests,found that garlic mustard abundance in forest plots was not(ii)_____ the number of other plant species there.

120-3 Standard thermal evolution models of giant planets employ initial conditions that are,to some extent,arbitrarily chosen,selected more for computational expediency than for physical accuracy.Since eventually the initial conditions(i)_____ the evolving planet,this approach is more(ii)_____ for mature planets than it is for young planets.

103-3 Psychologists note that in making purchase decisions,consumers often unconsciously use mental shortcuts,such as familiarity with a brand name to(i)_____ routine problems efficiently.Thus,part of what companies aim for developing a brand is very specifically to(ii)_____ consumers’conscious thought.

6-5 Scientists said that cosmology was the field where the ratio of theory to data was(i)_____:there was an abundance of theories,but almost no data.Recently,however,that ratio has flipped.A huge and ever-increasing amount of data has(ii)_____ all theories but one.

51-6 Campus-wide discussion on academic integrity can be(i)_____ by the fact that faculty and students tend to define cheating in(ii)_____ ways.Even when they concur on what cheating means,faculty and students often assign different levels of severity to specific violations.These differences can serve as a major(iii)_____ the creation of a commonly accepted set of standards of integrity that are consistently applied to all academic work within the campus community.

131-6 Some chemists argue that although molecular motors are(i)_____,they are(ii)_____ by themselves;nevertheless,the chemical principles behind them might be(iii)_____:using the same light-activated mechanism that drives certain molecular motors,researchers have developed around 100 drug-like compound that can be switched on or off in response to light.


81-1 The chairman,faced with the need to forge a consensus on a number of proposals,acknowledged that it would be difficult to reconcile the push for a radical overhaul with the stance of those who want _____ change. 美研GRE








真经GRE阅读机经365篇-Passage 54

The discovery of subsurface life on Earth,surviving independently from surface life,refuted the belief that biological processes require not only liquid water but sunlight as well,thus greatly enhancing the possibility of life beyond Earth.Take Jupiter’s moon Europa.Space probes show a body covered with a thick layer of ice.As Europa orbits its planet,however,it flexes due to the gravitational tug-of-war between it,its sister moons,and Jupiter.Through friction,this flexing produces heat in the moon’s interior capable of melting ice.Indeed,observations suggest liquid water exists beneath Europa’s icy crust.Photosynthetic life is impossible there because sunlight is completely absent,but life such as the microbes that flourish deep within earth may still be possible.

Consider each of the choices separately and select all that apply

1.Life on Europa in the form suggested in the passage would be dependent on

A.the protection Europa’s icy crust gives against the harmful components of sunlight

B.the existence of water on Europa

C.the motion of Europa around Jupiter

2.The highlighted sentence“take Jupiter’s moon Europa”serves to introduce

A.an instance that allows a hypothesis to be tested

B.speculation grounded in empirical discovery

C.a deduction from a newly advanced hypothesis

D.a large-scale effect of an apparently insignificant contingency

E.the derivation of a contradiction to refute a claim

真经GRE阅读机经365篇-Passage 127

Most seismologists assume that following a major earthquake and its aftershocks,the fault(a break in Earth’s crust where pressure can trigger an earthquake)will remain quiet until stresses have time to rebuild,typically over hundreds or thousands of years.Recent evidence of subtle interactions between earthquakes may overturn this assumption,however.According to the stress-triggering hypothesis,faults are unexpectedly responsive to subtle stresses they acquire as neighboring faults shift.Rather than simply dissipating,stress relieved during an earthquake travels along the fault,concentrating in sites nearby;even the smallest additional stresses may then trigger another quake along the fault or on a nearby fault.Although scientists have long viewed such subtle interactions as nonexistent,the hypothesis has explained the location and frequency of earthquakes following several destructive quakes in California,Japan,and Turkey.

1.According to the passage,which of the following is an assumption that may be invalidated by recent seismological evidence? GRE备考

A.Earthquakes are caused by stresses building up in faults within Earth’s crust.

B.Most major earthquakes can be predicted with reasonable accuracy.

C.Faults are highly responsive to even minor stresses in neighboring faults.

D.Most major earthquakes are followed by predictable aftershocks.

E.A fault that has resulted in a major earthquake becomes quiet for a long period.

For the following question,consider each of the choices separately and select all that apply.

2.The passage suggests that most seismologists believe which of the following about fault stresses?

A.They are dissipated when they result in an earthquake.

B.They are transferred between neighboring faults.

C.They will not cause a major earthquake along the same fault in the space of a few years.

真经GRE阅读机经365篇-Passage 74

The damage that trucks do to highways escalates dramatically with the weight borne per axle.New regulations increase the maximum permitted vehicle weight;these regulations will therefore allow onto the highway trucks capable of doing even more damage than those currently permitted.

1.The argument is open up to criticism on the grounds that it

A.fails to establish that the level of damage done by trucks is a serious problem

B.omits evidence about one of the two relevant factors

C.ignores the possibility that careful driving can lessen damage to highways

D.presumes that trucks are the only vehicles capable of causing substantial damage to highways

E.presumes that something is bound to happen just because it is allowed to happen