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1.Greg’s weekly salary is$187,which is 15 percent less than Karla’s weekly salary.If Karla’s weekly salary increases by 10 percent,by what percent must Greg’s weekly salary increase in order to equal Karla’s new weekly salary?

Give your answer to the nearest tenth of a percent.

2.When a certain stock exchanged closed on Tuesday,1/5 of the stocks closed at the same price as on the previous day.Of the remaining stocks,3 stocks closed at a higher price for every 4 stocks that closed at a lower price.What fraction of all the stocks on this exchange closed at a higher price than on the previous day?






3.Let n be a nonnegative integer such that when 6n is divided by 75,the remainder is 30.Which of the following is a list of all possible remainders when 7n is divided by 75?






4.Pat has five matched pairs of socks and no two of the pairs are the same color.If Pat selects two socks simultaneously and at random,what is the probability that the two socks selected will be a matched pair?






5.What is the units digit of 2!+4!+6!+8!+10!? 美国留学GRE考试

6.For what value of x does the standard deviation of the numbers in the list x,6,14,and 16 have the least value?






7.In a coin collecting club with 5 members,each member owned some rare coins.After a 6th collector,who owned 50 rare coins,joined the club,the average(arithmetic mean)number of rare coins owned by the members of the club increased by 5.After a 7th collector joined the club,the average number of rare coins owned by the members of the club increased by 5 again.How many rare coins did the 7th collector own?

8.R is the remainder when a four-digit number is divided by a three-digit number.

Quantity A:R

Quantity B:10

9.If n is a multiple of 7 and n=s2t,where s and t are each prime number,which of the following expressions must be a multiple of 49?






10.What is the least positive integer n for which n/2,n/3,n/4,n/5,n/6,n/8 and n/9 are integers?


In the sequence shown,each term after the first is 1 greater than the preceding term.The sum of the 99 terms of the sequence is 99.What is the value of the first term of the sequence?






12.As a result of a chemical reaction between compounds A and B,1/4 of each compound was transformed into an equal amount of the other compound,while the remaining 3/4 of each compound was not transformed.If the amount of B was initially 4 times the amount of A,what was the ratio of the amount of A to the amount of B after the reaction? 美国留学标化考试

A.1 to 3

B.3 to 4

C.4 to 7

D.7 to 13

E.7 to 16

13.The sum of three different positive integers is 11.Select two of the following statements that can identify the three numbers:

A.None of those three can be 1

B.None of those three can be 4

C.None of those three can be 7

D.None of those three can be 8


15.In a certain building in a business district,a newspaper service delivers 104 papers every day to its customers.Twice as many customers have 3 papers delivered each day as have one paper delivered,and three times as many customers have 2 papers delivered each day as have one paper delivered.If no customer has more than 3 papers delivered,then the number of customers who have 2 papers delivered each day is







3-2 Slight but _____ variation in the timing of the star’s pulses led astronomers to deduce that it was being pulled backwards and forwards by three planets orbiting around it.






25-3 Recent scholarship has questioned the(i)_____ of tropical forests around the world.Archaeologists have shown,for example,that the largest contiguous tract of what was thought to be virgin rain forest in the southern Amazon had been transformed into a cultural parkland before European contact,and many of the forest islands in West Africa’s savanna forest transition zone are(ii)_____ as well. 美国留学GRE

49-7 While normal floods resulting from usual monsoon rainfall are _____ the growth of crops,recently there has been an increase in the frequency of high-intensity floods that do not have such welcome effects.

53-9 The potential reduction in water lost from the proposed reservoir from evaporation is _____ inconsequential:even the minimum projected reduction would save enough water to furnish the needs of a Denver-sized municipality.

65-6 Industry-sponsored scientific research on chemical safety often(i)_____.Media reports regularly imply that industry support of scientific work is alone sufficient to(ii)_____ that research.Even though the source of funding has been determined to be a less significant cause of bias than other factors,industry support suffices,in the minds of many people,to(iii)_____ the credibility of scientific work.

69-3 Throughout much of the twentieth century,common scientific sense seemed to dictate that animals could not make a choice based on rational or aesthetic criteria.Such choices were(i)_____ the mental capacity of humans.Scientists who(ii)_____ this animal-human cognitive division were often accused of anthropomorphism.

71-8 Today the chair of task force in charge of revising the psychiatric diagnostic manual is _____ post—people work for years to position themselves as candidates—but in the early 1970s,descriptive psychiatry was a backwater. 标化GRE考试

78-7 Analysis for the structural feather that were thought to _____ kinship between the two species prompted an investigation that dispelled that presumption and revealed that the two share a family history.

79-5 To get funding and tenured positions,medical researchers have to get their work published in well-regarded journals,where rejection can climb above 90 percent.Not surprisingly,the studies that tend to make the grade are those that make(i)_____ claims.But while coming up with such(ii)_____ claims is relatively easy,getting the data to bear them out is another matter.When studied rigorously,the great majority of these claims(iii)_____.

85-5 For a time in the early Middle Ages,Latin culture came close to(i)_____:the witness to that is the(ii)_____ of manuscript copies of texts datable to the period.The process of copying manuscripts,the only way in which the fragile products of centuries of accumulating knowledge could be preserved,(iii)_____,a situation that did not change for two and a half centuries,until the time of Charlemagne.In the intervening period,much of Classical literature was lost to use forever.

108-6 The longer the migratory route,the more fat migrating birds must accumulate as fuel for their flight.The gain in body mass would make birds obese by human standards,and should render them unable to fly,but this gain is(i)_____ premigratory(ii)_____ of digestive organs,inactive during migration,and by the(iii)_____ of the muscles that power the flight.

114-6 Transportation maps of Alaska are(i)_____ in large part by what they(ii)_____:lines identifying roads and railroads.With a single track bisecting the state and a handful of spokes to the east and south,Alaska is notable for its(iii)______ of transportation options. GRE真题

138-4 In China,beginning in the 1920s,the field of geography was(i)_____ discourse,alive to indigenous Chinese traditions even as it(ii)_____ key elements of Western scientific geography.

140-9 In many branches of science,our knowledge and technology have advanced so rapidly that new studies carried out with improved instruments and techniques may well ______ research done just twenty years earlier.

146-9 Asteroids of diameter less than 100km never melted but asteroids with larger diameters did so and became ______ with the heavier Fe-Ni material forming the core and the silicates forming the crust.

150-9 Though it lacked _____ demeanor,Guatemala City was nonetheless a compelling place to be in 1954.



真经GRE阅读机经350篇-Passage 340

Many scholarly discussions of novelist Willa Cather(1873-1947)debate whether Cather belongs more to the nineteenth-century realist tradition or to the modernist revolution of the early twentieth century.While Cather’s preoccupation with nineteenth-century agrarian culture has won her the respect of readers and critics,her distrust of modernity left her with a historically unstable position in the modernist canon.Resistance to the changes wrought by the twentieth century,of course,does not necessarily disqualify one from the“modernist”label.The impulse to reconnect with more primitive,earlier times is a hallmark of modernist aesthetics,shaping the search for meaning in a fragmented,disenchanted,mechanized world.Yet more often than not,[literary critic]Phyllis Rose explains,the early tenth-century atmosphere of experimentation and“making it new”and an attendant critical discourse that“valued complexity,ambiguity,even obscurity”resulted in Cather's labeling as“naively traditional”and“essentially nostalgic and elegiac.”In effect in modernist studies she has been treated as a romantic regional writer,unconcerned with the international terrain so integral to modem thinking-at least until scholars,in the 1980s and 1990s,began reevaluating the historical record,demonstrating her innovative departures from nineteenth-century fiction,including antiheroism,gender-bending episodic narrative,antirealism,simple prose,emphasis on memory and time,and the exploration of immigration,empire,and race.Today it is not uncommon to encounter critics announcing Cather’s newfound canonical status as a modernist-indicated most clearly by her inclusion in works such as The Cambridge Companion to American Modernism published in 2005.

1.The author would be most likely to agree with which of the following claims about Cather's“preoccupation with nineteenth-century agrarian culture?

A.It is regarded by some as evidence of an attitude toward the modern world that is characteristic of many modernist writers. GRE机经

B.Its definitive role in Cather's writing distinguishes Cather from most authors who were considered to be central to the modernist literary tradition.

C.It was clearly an important element of Cather's early fiction but played little role in her later,more mature novels.

D.It has frequently been misinterpreted by the very readers and critics who are most strongly drawn to Cather's fiction

E.Divergent interpretations of it have led critics to form diametrically opposed conclusions about the overall quality of Cather's literary output

2.The author mentions the“critical discourse”primarily to

A.explain why some critics rejected the idea that any particular literary style was uniquely modernist

B.challenge an assumption about the extent to which Cather's novels express a nostalgic view of the past

C.suggest that most of Cather's readers have little in common with the scholarly commentators who have written about her work

D.demonstrate that literary critics’views about Cather's fiction diverge widely on certain points

E.introduce an explanation of criteria used to determine whether Cather belonged in a particular literary category

3.The reference to the highlighted work serves primarily to

A.suggest that no major advances in Cather scholarship have been made since 2005

B.describe an important milestone in a scholarly trend that began in the 1980s

C.cite a publication that has significantly influenced many scholars’views of Cather

D.question the current critical consensus regarding a defining quality of modernism

E.acknowledge that an author’s canonical states can be subject to arbitrary shifts

真经GRE阅读机经350篇-Passage 324

People who suffer a heart attack on an airplane are at particular risk because of the relatively long time it takes to get them to a hospital.Last year Minerva Airlines trained its cabin crews in the use of on-board defibrillators to restart the heart.Since then,the survival rate for passengers who suffer heart attacks on Minerva flights has increased.Even so,the training might not have contributed to this increase,because ________.

Which of the following most logically completes the passage?

A.the risk of suffering a heart attack increases with age and the average age of passengers has decreased somewhat since last year

B.few other airlines equip their planes with defibrillators or train their cabin crews in the use of them

C.Minerva now offers fewer transoceanic flights than it did last year

D.the electrical impulse delivered by a defibrillator can,if administered to a person with a normal heart rhythm,induce an abnormal heartbeat

E.heart attacks can sometimes be triggered by stress,which is increased by airline travel

真经GRE阅读机经350篇-Passage 11

Before feminist literary criticism emerged in the 1970s,the nineteenth-century United States writer Fanny Fern was regarded by most critics(when considered at all)as a prototype of weepy sentimentalism—a pious,insipid icon of conventional American culture.Feminist reclamations of Fern,by contrast,emphasize her nonsentimental qualities,particularly her sharply humorous social criticism.Most feminist scholars find it difficult to reconcile Fern’s sardonic social critiques with her effusive celebrations of many conventional values.Attempting to resolve this contradiction,Harris concludes that Fern employed flowery rhetoric strategically to disguise her subversive goals beneath apparent conventionality.However,Tompkins proposes an alternative view of sentimentality itself,suggesting that sentimental writing could serve radical,rather than only conservative ends by swaying readers emotionally,moving them to embrace social change.

Consider each of the choices separately and select all that apply.

1.The passage suggests which of the following about the contradiction mentioned in the highlighted sentence?

A.It was not generally addressed by critics before the 1970s.

B.It is apparent in only a small number of Ferns writings.

C.It has troubled many feminist critics who study Fern.

2.It can be inferred from the passage that Tompkins would be most likely to agree with which of the following about the critics mentioned in the passage?

A.They accurately characterize the overall result Fern is aiming to achieve.

B.They are not as dismissive of Fern as some feminist critics have suggested.

C.They exaggerate the extent to which Fern intended her writing to serve a social purpose.

D.They wrongly assume that sentimental must be a pejorative term.

E.They fail to recognize the role that sentimental rhetoric plays to reader’s emotions.

3.It can be inferred that the author of the passage mentions Fern’s“sharply humorous social criticism”primarily in order to

A.contrast Fern’s apparent intentions with the impression her writing made on Harris

B.suggest that many feminist critics have attributed to Fern intentions that she may not have had

C.identify an aspect of Fern’s writing that strikes some scholars as incompatible with other attributes of her writing

D.help account for the effect Fern's writing had on critics of her own time

E.identify the aspects of Fern's writing for which she was primarily known prior to the 1970s

4.In the context in which it appears,“reclamations”most nearly means






真经GRE阅读机经350篇-Passage 127

Most seismologists assume that following a major earthquake and its aftershocks,the fault(a break in Earth’s crust where pressure can trigger an earthquake)will remain quiet until stresses have time to rebuild,typically over hundreds or thousands of years.Recent evidence of subtle interactions between earthquakes may overturn this assumption,however.According to the stress-triggering hypothesis,faults are unexpectedly responsive to subtle stresses they acquire as neighboring faults shift.Rather than simply dissipating,stress relieved during an earthquake travels along the fault,concentrating in sites nearby;even the smallest additional stresses may then trigger another quake along the fault or on a nearby fault.Although scientists have long viewed such subtle interactions as nonexistent,the hypothesis has explained the location and frequency of earthquakes following several destructive quakes in California,Japan,and Turkey.

1.According to the passage,which of the following is an assumption that may be invalidated by recent seismological evidence?

A.Earthquakes are caused by stresses building up in faults within Earth’s crust.

B.Most major earthquakes can be predicted with reasonable accuracy.

C.Faults are highly responsive to even minor stresses in neighboring faults.

D.Most major earthquakes are followed by predictable aftershocks.

E.A fault that has resulted in a major earthquake becomes quiet for a long period.

For the following question,consider each of the choices separately and select all that apply.

2.The passage suggests that most seismologists believe which of the following about fault stresses?

A.They are dissipated when they result in an earthquake.

B.They are transferred between neighboring faults.

C.They will not cause a major earthquake along the same fault in the space of a few years.